Whole Sale & Catering

IL Gelato Hawaii offers food services to hotels and restaurants

We sell our gelato wholesale to hotels, restaurants, gelato bars, and coffee shops.  We use local farmers and suppliers in order to support the local economy and the “farm to table” movement in Hawaii.  Utilizing local sources also allows us be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

We usually supply 5 liter (6 quarts), 10 liter (3 gallon) or 20 liter container per flavor, which we will provide on a deposit/return basis. In order to guarantee fresh gelato, we ask for 48 hour notice prior delivery. We can arrange one or if needed two deliveries per week.

Please contact us for prices, available flavors and terms & conditions.


  • freshly made, all natural and handcrafted Italian gelato and non-fat sorbettos of outstanding quality
  • high capacity banquette services: supply of gelato specialties like pre-scooped “bon-bons”, cup cakes, filled deep frozen baby pineapples, or “home made” sugar cups and cones
  • excellent, reliable, fast and flexible service & delivery
  • consulting and support for Italian gelato specialties
  • creation of custom-made and signature recipes for your establishment
  • rental of IL Carrettino, our charming hand-push and antique gelato cart